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WebReports.Api.Scheduler Namespace : ReportScheduleInfoMonthly Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ReportScheduleInfoMonthly.

Public Properties
Public PropertyIndicates the monthly recurrence pattern of this schedule.  
Public PropertyThe relative day of the week this schedule will recur on. For example, the first weekday of the month)  
Public PropertyThe monthly frequency this schedule recurs with. For example, 1 means the schedule recurs every month.  
Public PropertyIn conjunction with RelativeDayOfWeek Property, indicates on the relative week of the month this schedule recurs on. For example, the second  
Public Property

When MonthlyPattern Property is SpecificDayOfMonth Field, this is the specific day of the month on which the schedule runs.

If a month does not have a day with that number (e.g. February does not have 31 days) then the system will "round" to the last day of the month.

Public PropertyWhen MonthlyPattern Property is SpecificDayOfMonth Field, this is the number of months between executions. For the schedule to run every month, set to 1.  
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