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An extension of the ReportScheduleInfo base class, a ReportScheduleInfoMonthly object describes a schedule with a monthly recurrence pattern.

When creating a new schedule, set the Api object's active report first, since that is the report that will be scheduled.
public class ReportScheduleInfoMonthly : ReportScheduleInfo 
Create a new schedule that recurs on a monthly basis
ReportScheduleInfo newSchedule = new ReportScheduleInfoMonthly()
  ... // Include basic options
  ... // Optional end date, optional intraday recurrence
  // Specific or relative day pattern
  MonthlyPattern = ReportScheduleInfo.MonthlyPatternType.SpecificDayOfMonth,
  // Specific: day X of every N months
  SpecificDayOfMonth   = 7, // Day of the month
  SpecificEveryNMonths = 2, // Every N months

  // Relative: the Xth day-of-week of every N months
  RelativeWeekOfMonth  = ReportScheduleInfo.WeekOfMonthType.First,  // Week of month
  RelativeDayOfWeek    = ReportScheduleInfo.DayOfWeekType.Weekday,  // Day of week
  RelativeEveryNMonths = 2                                          // Every N months
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