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WebReports.Api.Roles Namespace : DataObjectRow Class

The following tables list the members exposed by DataObjectRow.

Public Properties
Public PropertyRetrieve the DbName Property of the Entity (Data Object) that this DataObjectRow refers to.  
Public PropertyAn array of EntityColumn objects representing all of the columns that are referenced in the FilterString Property.  
Public PropertyThe filter string should be valid, standard SQL to be added to the 'WHERE' clause sent to the Data Source. This filter string can include Exago system parameters (e.g. @userId@) or custom SQL including subqueries (e.g. IN (SELECT EmployeeID FROM Employees WHERE EmployeeID <4)). The Filter String must contain the actual name of objects in the Data Source (e.g. tables, views, columns, etc...)  (the Entity.DbName Property) rather than their Exago aliases.  
Public PropertyRepresentation of the Entity (Data Object) that corresponds with this row filter. Can be ether the Entity DbName Property or Id Property.  
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