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DbName Property (Entity)
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > Entity Class : DbName Property

The name of the object in the data source that corresponds with this data object. For example, the name of the table or view.

If this Entity is a Custom SQL Object, this is the Object Name property of the Custom SQL Object.

public System.string DbName {get; set;}

Property Value

The name of the table, view, stored procedure, etc... in the Data Source that is the basis for this Entity (Data Object).
Equivalent to the right-hand dropdown of the Name setting in the Admin Console for Data Objects, or the Object Name field in the Custom SQL Object dialog.
myNewEntity.DbName = "Campaigns";
Set the Object Name of a Custom SQL Object
employees.DbName = "MyCustomSQLObjectName";

The DbName property may not contain any of the following characters:

{ } [ ] , . %

To create an Entity (Data Object) with one of these characters in the DbName, create a Custom SQL Object with a simple SELECT clause. For example for a table named sales.figures.2020:

SELECT * FROM [sales.figures.2020]

Note that the identifier delimiters (the [ ]) around the table name will vary with the database type.

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