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Copy(String,String) Method
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > ReportObjectFactory Class > Copy Method : Copy(String,String) Method
The full path and name of the report to copy
The full path and name of the copied report
Make a copy of name with the name newName
public void Copy( 
   System.string name,
   System.string newName


The full path and name of the report to copy
The full path and name of the copied report
System.NullReferenceException is thrown if a report with the same name already exists with newName.
WrUserMessage will be thrown if the user with Storage Management identity does not have CanCopy access to the content item being copied; if access to the report is denied (e.g. the current user does not have the ability to create or edit the particular report type being copied); or if the newName of the report duplicates an existing report name in the desination.
Add additional folders, then copy a basic report into the new folder for later customization
api.ReportManagement.AddFolder("Sales Reports\\2021","Q2");
api.ReportManagement.AddFolder("Sales Reports\\2021", "Q3");
api.ReportManagement.AddFolder("Sales Reports\\2021", "Q4");
api.ReportObjectFactory.Copy("Sales Reports\\2021\\Q1\\Audio-Visual Division", "Sales Reports\\2021\\Q2\\Audio-Visual Division");
api.ReportObjectFactory.Copy("Sales Reports\\2021\\Q1\\Audio-Visual Division", "Sales Reports\\2021\\Q3\\Audio-Visual Division");
api.ReportObjectFactory.Copy("Sales Reports\\2021\\Q1\\Audio-Visual Division", "Sales Reports\\2021\\Q4\\Audio-Visual Division");
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