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WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace : ReportObjectFactory Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ReportObjectFactory.

Public Properties
Public PropertyThe active report for this Api object. Changes to filters, sorts and report properties via the Api object are saved to the active report. A number of other methods in the ReportObjectFactory will make a report the active one.  
Public Methods
Public MethodOverloaded. Copy (duplicate) a report in the repository from one location to another.  
Public Method Create a new report object, it has not yet been saved into the report repository. The created report object is made the active report object.  
Public MethodOverloaded. Delete a report from the repository. The deleted report will become the active report.  
Public MethodGet the content ID of a report in the repository by name/path. This can be passed to the LoadFromRepository Method.  
Public MethodRetrieve the name of a report with the provided content ID.  
Public MethodRetrieve a report item from the Storage Management system with its content ID.  
Public MethodOverloaded. Rename a report from name to newName. Scheduler Services will be updated with the new path and name as well.  
Public MethodSave changes to the provided report to the Api object. When setting the Api object's active report, should be the last call.  
Public MethodSave the provided report to the report repository (permanent storage).  
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