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WebReports.Api.Data Namespace
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The Data namespace contains classes used to interact with Data Sources.

Since Entities (Data Objects) and Joins can be system-level or report-level, objects for interacting with them are in the WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace instead of here in the WebReports.Api.Data namespace as one might expect.

DataObjectBase objects are the basic building blocks of other data objects used in the application. The other data object types, such as SqlObject are derived from this class.

Don't confuse a DataObjectBase objects with an Exago Data Object from the configuration, which is represented as an Entity object in the API.
ClassThe DataObjectType fields are used when working with  the ObjectType Property of the Entity Class.
ClassThe DataSource class is used to set or override the data connection string of a pre-existing data source at runtime. It may also be used to add a new Data Source to the configuration.

This collection should not be instantiated; there is a single DataSourceCollection object that is accessed through the DataSources property of the Api object.

The DataSourceCollection maintains a collection of DataSource objects, one for each Data Source in the system configuration.


SQLObject objects are the basic building blocks of constructed SQL objects such as tables, views and functions used in the application. The other SQL object types, such as SqlTable and SqlView are derived from this class.

The Server Events OnExecuteSqlStatementConstructed and OnFilterSqlStatementConstructed take a SqlObject object as one of their arguments.

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