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wrUserPreferenceStorage Enumeration
WebReports.Api Namespace : wrUserPreferenceStorage Enumeration
Represents the method by which user preferences will be stored and retrieved.
public enum wrUserPreferenceStorage : System.Enum 
Cookie0User Preferences are stored in the browser's HTML5 local storage. This is the default behavior as it does not require any additional setup. However, a user’s preferences will not be carried over to other machines or browsers and will be lost if the user clears their browser’s data.
ExternalInterface1User Preferences are stored and retrieved via the External Interface. This requires the host application to implement the methods SetUserPreference and GetUserPreferences in the External Interface, but User Preferences will be preserved for a user across browsers and machines
None3Users will not have the ability modify User Preference features. The User Preferences button will be hidden.
ServerEvent2User Preferences are stored and retrieved via Server Events. This requires the global events onGetUserPreferences and onSetUserPreferences to be implemented.
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