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Provides additional options of the API object's active report. This object can be used, for example, to create a Custom SQL Object in a report via the API.

When the DataSourceId PropertyEntityName PropertySqlStmt Property and Keys Property are set, the Manage Data Objects dialog of the Report Designer and the Data Objects Pane in the ExpressView Designer are disabled.

Only one custom SQL object is supported with this method.

Optionally, use the Api object's SuppressFiltersInterface Property and SuppressSortsInterface Property to disable the user from adding sorts and filters to the report in the Designers.

Object Model
wrApiReportOptions ClasswrApiReportOptions ClassEntity Class
public class wrApiReportOptions 
Generate SQL for new reports using the API. This is only valid if the Api.Action is NewAdvancedReport or NewExpressView (v2017.1.2+).
wrApiReportOptions reportOptions = api.ApiReportOptions;
reportOptions.DataSourceId = 0;
reportOptions.EntityName = "SomeEntityName";
reportOptions.SqlStmt = "SELECT * FROM Product";
reportOptions.Keys = "OrderId,ProductId";
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