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WebReports.UI.Controls Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
Use the WebReports.UI.Controls classes for interacting with the contents of the Report Tree.
ClassA CustomTreeFolder object can be added to the Report Tree to contain CustomTreeNodes. This facilitates the addition of custom (non-Exago) items to the Report Tree.
ClassA CustomTreeNode is a custom item that is added to the Report Tree.
ClassEach item in the Report Tree is a TreeNode, contained in the TreeNodeCollection. TreeNode is a base class for CustomTreeFolder and CustomTreeNode. To manipulate the Report Tree for Exago reports, use the ReportManagement property of the Api object.

A TreeNodeCollection is a collection of TreeNode objects, folders and reports that appear in the Report Tree.

A CustomTreeFolder and CustomTreeNode can be added to the collection for adding custom items to the Report Tree.

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