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ReportScheduleInfoWeekly Class
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WebReports.Api.Scheduler Namespace : ReportScheduleInfoWeekly Class
An extension of the ReportScheduleInfo base class, a ReportScheduleInfoWeekly object describes a schedule with a weekly recurrence pattern.
public class ReportScheduleInfoWeekly : ReportScheduleInfo 
Create a new schedule that recurs on a weekly basis
ReportScheduleInfo newSchedule = new ReportScheduleInfoWeekly()
  ... // Include basic options
  ... // Optional end date, optional intraday recurrence
  EveryNWeeks = 1, // Every N weeks
  // On these days:          Sun    Mon   Tues   Wed    Thu   Fri    Sat
  IsDayOfWeek = new bool[] { false, true, false, false, true, false, false }
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