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WebReports.Api.Scheduler Namespace : ReportScheduleInfoDaily Class

An extension of the ReportScheduleInfo base class, a ReportScheduleInfoDaily object describes a schedule with a daily recurrence pattern.

When creating a new schedule, set the Api object's active report first, since that is the report that will be scheduled.
public class ReportScheduleInfoDaily : ReportScheduleInfo 
Create a new daily recurring schedule.
using NodaTime;


ReportScheduleInfo newSchedule = new ReportScheduleInfoDaily()
  ... // Include basic options
  // Range of recurrence, every N days, or every weekday
  DailyPattern = ReportScheduleInfo.DailyPatternType.EveryNDays,
  EveryNDays   = 2, // N days

  // End date (optional):
  RangeEndDate     = new LocalDate(2017, 12, 25), // End on a specific date
  RangeNOccurences = 10,                                 // Or end after N occurrences

  // intraday recurrence (optional):
  RepeatEvery        = true, // Enable intraday recurrence
  RepeatEveryHours   = 4,    // Repeat every N hours
  RepeatEveryMinutes = 0,    // And N minutes
  RepeatEveryEndTime = new TimeSpan(DateTime.Parse("12:00 PM").Ticks) // Optional end time
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