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JobStatus Enumeration
WebReports.Api.Scheduler Namespace : JobStatus Enumeration

A read-only property showing the current status of a schedule. Used in REST — SchedulesV2 and by the ReportScheduler Class


public enum JobStatus : System.Enum 
Abended5The last run failed due to an error. The schedule will not run again.
Completed2The schedule has completed its final event, and will not run again. It will be removed from the list when the scheduler is flushed.
Deleted4The schedule has been deleted, and will be removed from the list when the cache is flushed.
Immediate9As soon as resources are available, the schedule will be run.
Ready0The schedule will run at its next scheduled run time.
Removed8Schedule should be removed if it hasn't already.
Running1The schedule is currently running and the reports are executing.
Suspended3The schedule has been suspended and will not be run again.
Timedout10The job has timed out (see Application Timeouts for more information).
Transmitting7Schedule is finished and waiting for data to be transmitted to client for synchronous execution.
UserAbort6Schedule is running, but user has requested to delete it.

Added in v2019.2.0.

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