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WebReports.Api.Scheduler Namespace : JobInfo Class

A JobInfo object contains basic information about a scheduled job. The JobInfo is referenced in the Scheduler Queue extensibility feature, otherwise it is used internally by Exago.

JobInfo objects represent both the "master" schedule and each individual execution of that schedule's recurrence pattern. For example, a scheduled report set to execute on the first of every month for a full year will have a total of 13 JobInfo objects associated with it — one for the schedule itself and then one for each execution on the first of the month. A JobInfo object is only available for those executions that have not been flushed from the Scheduler Service's working directory.

JobInfo objects are also created for Execution Cache jobs.

public class JobInfo 
Retrieve a list of list of JobInfo objects for all of the hosts in the system configuration
ReportScheduler scheduler = new ReportScheduler(api.PageInfo);
List<Exception> exceptions;
List<List<JobInfo>> hosts = scheduler.GetJobList(out exceptions);
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