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WebReports.Api.Roles Namespace : RoleCollection Class

The following tables list the members exposed by RoleCollection.

Public Properties
Public PropertyReturns a Role object that represents the currently active role. Do not call this property without first checking to see if a role is currently active with IsActiveRole. Do not call this method if there is no currently active role.  
Public Property

Returns true if a role is currently active or false if not.

IsActiveRole should always be called first before calling ActiveRole.

Public Methods
Public Method

Mark the currently active role as no longer active.

Any settings (including General Settings, data object or folder tenancy, etc...) changed by activating the role will remain in place until the session ends.
Public MethodRetrieve a Role object from the collection by ID.  
Public Method

Create and return a new Role object with the ID id, add it to the Role collection and then mark it as the active role without applying its General settings changes to the system.

If id is not provided, a GUID will be used for the role's ID.

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