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SuppressSortAndFilter Property
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > Entity Class : SuppressSortAndFilter Property

If this Entity (Data Object) is a programmable object (Stored Procedure or .NET Assembly Method), select whether to suppress the application sorting and filtering for report execution queries. Enable this if the programmable object uses Programmable Object parameters to do sorting and filtering in code, as application processing would be redundant and unnecessary. This can allow for better performance for programmable objects.

If the application requires sorting/filtering in memory, it will not be suppressed. For instance, a report with this object has a cross-source join, an advanced join, a Cartesian join, or a formula sort or filter. Multiple tables from the same programmable data object can be joined with suppressed filtering & sorting if this setting is enabled for all of them.

public System.bool SuppressSortAndFilter {get; set;}

Property Value


Equivalent to the Suppress Sort and Filter dropdown setting for Data Objects in the Admin Console.

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