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HasInheritedDescription Property
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > Entity Class : HasInheritedDescription Property
Set to true to copy the description text of the object that this clone was created from. Set to false to provide a unique description in the ObjectDescription Property.
public System.bool HasInheritedDescription {get; set;}
Create a clone of an Entity and provide a unique folder (category) and description text
Entity clonedEntity = myNewEntity.Clone();

clonedEntity.HasInheritedCategory = false;
clonedEntity.HasInheritedDescription = false;
clonedEntity.ClonedFrom = myNewEntity.Id;
clonedEntity.Category = "Not Donations";
clonedEntity.Id = "campaigns_1";            //This is the Admin Console ID
clonedEntity.Name = "Campaigns Clone";      //This is the Admin Console Alias
clonedEntity.ObjectDescription = "This is a clone of " + myNewEntity.Name;
 //add this cloned data object to the collection in the API objbect
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