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ActualFullName Property
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > EntityColumn Class : ActualFullName Property
Returns the name of the column as it appears in the data source along with the Entity's (Data Object's) Exago alias in the format EntityAlias.ColumnDbName.
public System.string ActualFullName {get;}
The following code sample will result in Label1 being set to "campaigns.Campaign Id"
//Add the campaigns table to this new data source
Entity myNewEntity = api.Entities.NewEntity("Campaigns");
myNewEntity.DataSourceId = api.DataSources.GetDataSource("Donations MSSQL").Id;
myNewEntity.ObjectType = DataObjectType.Table;
myNewEntity.Id = "campaigns";
myNewEntity.DbName = "Campaigns";
myNewEntity.Name = "campaigns";
myNewEntity.ObjectDescription = "Fundraising campaigns";
myNewEntity.Category = "CRM\\Sales";

//Add column metadata for the "Campaign ID" column
myNewEntity.ColumnMetadatas.Add(new EntityColumnMetadata("Campaign ID")
	IsFilterable = FilterableType.None,
	ColumnType = "Int",
	MnemonicName = "ID"

//Retrieve the ActualFullName of a column from this entity.
Label1.Text = myNewEntity.GetColumn("ID").ActualFullName;
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