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IsFilterable Property
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > EntityColumnMetadata Class : IsFilterable Property

Whether this field can be added to reports, as an interactive filter or not at all via the user interface.

This setting affects the availability of the column in the user interface. Filters may still be programmatically added to reports with the API regardless of the setting here.
public FilterableType IsFilterable {get; set;}

Property Value

One of the values of the FilterableType Enumeration.
Equivalent to the Filterable property when editing column metadata for Data Objects in the Admin Console.
Prevent the Last Name column from being added as an interactive filter
employees.ColumnMetadatas.Add(new EntityColumnMetadata("LastName")
	ColumnType = "String",
	MnemonicName = "Last Name",
	IsFilterable = FilterableType.Static
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