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ColumnValue Property
WebReports.Api.Reports Namespace > EntityColumnMetadata Class : ColumnValue Property
For custom formula columns, this column contains the Exago formula that defines the contents of the column.
public System.string ColumnValue {get; set;}

Property Value

Provide the Exago formula as a string.
Equivalent to the Column Value setting when editing column metadata for Data Objects in the Admin Console.
The ColumnValue for this example is a formula that combines the Campaign ID and the Campaign Name with a dash (–) in between.
myNewEntity.ColumnMetadatas.Add(new EntityColumnMetadata("Merge")
	ColumnSource = EntityColumnSource.ExagoFormula,   //required
	ColumnType = "String",                      //required
	MnemonicName = "ID-Name",                   //required
	ColumnDescription = "The ID and name combined together.",
	ColumnValue = "Concatenate({campaigns.ID},\"–\",{campaigns.Name})", //required
	SortAndGroupByFormula = "{campaigns.ID}"
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