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WebReports.Api.Common Namespace : QuickFunction Class

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Public Properties
Public Property

The display formula is applied to the data as it is displayed in the ExpressView Designer, in exported files and it is the value that is compared when filters are applied to a column.

Public PropertyA unique identifier used internally by the application for this Quick Function. This is not the name of the Quick Function as it appears in the user interface—use LanguageId Property for that purpose.  
Public Property

The ID from the language file that represents the name of this Quick Function as it will be displayed to the end user in the user interface.

For more information, review Multi-Language Support.
Public PropertyThe data type that this Quick Function returns

A column will be transformed to this data type if different than the column’s existing type in an ExpressView.

Public PropertyThe sort formula is activated when a sort is applied to a column. This allows a column to be sorted on a different quantity than the display formula.  
Public PropertyThe column data types that the Quick Function may be applied to  
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