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Value Property
WebReports.Api.Common Namespace > Parameter Class : Value Property

The default value of a parameter. This is intended to be overwritten at runtime through the API.

Date values should be entered in yyyy-MM-dd format.

Null values may also be passed to parameters. In order to do so, the default value of the parameter needs to be set to {null}. This will allow parameters to process any null values that are passed through the API or application at runtime.

Formulas that return strings, integers, dates or decimals may also be passed as parameter default values. Just as entering a function into a cell in the Report Designer, include an equals sign as a prefix (e.g. =QuarterNumber(Today())).

Formulas may include multiple functions. As with other functions, these may also include other parameters.

public System.string Value {get; set;}

Same as setting Admin Console > Data > Parameters > Value for a Parameter.

Create a new parameter and set its properties
api.Parameters.GetParameter("NewParameterId").DataType = (int)DataType.Decimal;
api.Parameters.GetParameter("NewParameterId").Value = "=Product(Fv(0.0495, 12,-50),@QN@)";
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