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Id Property (Parameter)
WebReports.Api.Common Namespace > Parameter Class : Id Property

The case-sensitive name for the parameter. Prompting parameters are sorted alphabetically by name unless otherwise specified or unless there are dropdown parameters with dependencies.

The following names are reserved by the application: filter, email, userId, companyId, reportName, reportFullName, pageNumber, data_label, data_value, series_label, bubble_size, bubble_value, batch_x (where x can be any string of characters).

The following characters are not allowed: @ , . { } [ ]

public System.string Id {get; set;}

Property Value

The ID (name) of this parameter as it is known in the application. When setting, do not use any of the reserved names or characters noted above.

Exago will not throw an error if one of the reserved names or characters is used, but when retrieving parameter values conflicts will occur.
Equivelant to the Name setting for Parameters in the Admin Console.
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