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TempCloudService Property
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Web Service, .NET Assembly, or Azure Authentication string used to integrate into a cloud environment. For more information see Cloud Environment Integration.

This is Exago's built-in solution for handling multiple instances. Specifying a Temp Cloud Service causes each instance to push its temporary files to a shared Blob container.

Then if a subsequent user call reaches a separate instance, that instance will pull the relevant files from the Blob to its local temp directory. Temp files may only be stored in blob storage.

public System.string TempCloudService {get; set;}

Property Value

A formatted connection string to connect to the cloud temp service.

The connection strings used for report, configuration file and temporary file storage must be unique.
The same as setting Admin Console > General > Main Settings > Temp Cloud Service
Store temporary files in a blob container named ourExagoTempFiles
api.General.TempCloudService = "type = azure; credentials = \'DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=acctName;AccountKey=encryptedalphanumeric\'; storagekey = ourExagoTempFiles;";
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