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ServerTimeZoneOffset Property (General)
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For versions pre-v2019.1, a decimal value used to convert server to client time. This offset is not applied to data coming from Data Sources. It is utilized by Exago features like the Scheduler Service. Leave blank to use server time.

For versions v2019.1+, this value is only used to set an initial client time zone name if one is not set but is otherwise not used. Use Client Time Zone Name for all time zone changes.


public System.Nullable<decimal> ServerTimeZoneOffset {get; set;}

Property Value

Provide a positive or negative decimal number to convert the time on the server to the time on the client so that they match,

If null, client time zone calculations will be sent to the External Interface, a deprecated extensibility feature that should not be used for new installations.

A Server Time Zone Offset is only required if a Client Time Zone Name cannot be provided. Otherwise, all scheduling calculations will be performed using the provided time zone information.
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