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IsAccessDataSourcesRemotely Property
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When True, all calls, including populating Filter Value dropdowns and retrieving Data Object/Data Object schemas made to the Data Sources are handled by the Remote Execution Remoting Host, or the Schedule Remoting Host if no Remote Execution Remoting Host is defined.

When False, the Scheduler Services will only make calls to the Data Sources during report execution. All other calls are handled by the Web Application.

Enabling this feature is helpful when white listing connections to the Data Sources, and connections should only originate from the the designated Remote Execution Remoting or Schedule Remoting Hosts as opposed to the Web Application servers; or when the Scheduler Services and the databases are on the same firewall level but the Web Application is not.

public System.bool IsAccessDataSourcesRemotely {get; set;}

Property Value

True or False as described above.
Same as setting Admin Console > General > Scheduler Settings > Enable Access to Data Sources Remotely.
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