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FilterDropdownObjectTenancy Property
WebReports.Api.Common Namespace > General Class : FilterDropdownObjectTenancy Property

Set to False to disable tenanting on filter and parameter dropdown objects. If this is disabled and a tenant column limits the dataset for a data object, then a filter or parameter dropdown list within a report will show the full dataset for the data object rather than its intended limited subset.

A tenant column limits the dataset of an Employees data object so that only data for an employee with the last name "King" appears. A report that uses this data object will only output data associated with King. If this setting is True (default), then a filter on Employees.LastName added to this report will only allow King to be selected. However, if it is set to False, the filter on Employees.LastName will allow all employee last names to be selected even though only data for King will appear.
public System.bool FilterDropdownObjectTenancy {get; set;}

Property Value

True or False as described above.
One of the Hidden Flags.
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