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ExcludeDataSourcesReportCustomSQL Property
WebReports.Api.Common Namespace > General Class : ExcludeDataSourcesReportCustomSQL Property
When Allow Creation of Custom SQL Objects is enabled, enter the data sources to exclude from Report-Level SQL. Write each data source in double quotation marks ("), and separate sources by a comma (,). Example: "Northwind","AdventureWorks".
public System.string ExcludeDataSourcesReportCustomSQL {get; set;}

Property Value

A string with the name of the Data Sources to be excluded from report-level Custom SQL Object creation. Each Data Source must be enclosed in double quotes and separated with a comma (see example below).
Same as setting Admin Console > General > Feature/UI Settings > Data Sources to Exclude from Custom SQL Creation.
Restrict users from creating report-level Custom SQL Objects that reference the Northwind, STARCall-SMDR, STARCall-Tesla and STARCall-Volta data sources
api.General.ExcludeDataSourcesReportCustomSQL = "\"Northwind\",\"STARCall-SMDR\",\"STARCall-TESLA\",\"STARCall-VOLTA\"";
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