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DashboardAutomaticallyRefreshTiles Property
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In the Dashboard Designer, enable/disable automatically loading data into the tiles, requiring the end user to manually refresh the tile in order to see any data in it.

When True, reports and visualization tiles will automatically load data when the Dashboard Designer is first opened, and whenever changes are made to the Dashboard or the tiles on the canvas. This is the pre-v2021.1 behavior.

When False, reports and visualization tiles will display placeholder data until either the Refresh  icon on the tile, or the Refresh  icon on the Designer's toolbar is explicitly clicked. If changes are made to the Dashboard or the tile, a notification icon will appear in the tile and toolbar. By limiting the frequency of calls to the Data Sources and execution engine, responsiveness of the Dashboard Designer can increase especially for very complex and data intensive Dashboards.

This functionality is referred to as the Refresh Reminder feature in the Dashboards documentation. When False, the default value, tiles do not automatically load and therefore the Refresh Reminder feature is enabled.

public System.bool DashboardAutomaticallyRefreshTiles {get; set;}

Property Value

True to disable the Refresh Reminder or False to enable the reminder.
Same as setting Admin Console > General > Feature/UI Settings > Automatically Refresh Reports.
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