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ChainedReportMaxCollationExecutions Property
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When executing a collated chained report, the application will run each report for each filtered group. A non-collated chained report containing two reports will only execute those two reports. A collated chained report with the same two reports sorted on a field with 100 values will execute 200 individual reports.

Set the maximum number of individual report executions that are allowed when exporting a collated Chained Report. Setting a limit will prevent very long chains from being executed that could cause performance reductions. If the number of executions exceeds this limit, the chain will be cancelled and an error message displayed to the user (and an e-mail sent to the <error_report_to> address for reports executed by a Scheduler Service).

The default value is 0, indicating no limit to the number of collated report executions.

public System.int ChainedReportMaxCollationExecutions {get; set;}

Property Value

Any positive integer 0–2,147,483,647, where 0 sets no limit to the number of executions.


Same as setting Admin Console > General > Other SettingsMax Chained Report Collation Executions.
Set the maximum number of individual collated report executions to 300. A Chained Report that requires 301 or more individual executions will be cancelled.
api.General.ChainedReportMaxCollationExecutions = 300;
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