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IsLogCustomConfigure Property
WebReports.Api Namespace > Api Class : IsLogCustomConfigure Property

Set to true if your application uses Apache log4net. If set to false, Exago will configure log4net itself which may cause problems with application logging.

This property should be set before instantiating the Api object.
public static System.bool IsLogCustomConfigure {get; set;}

Property Value

True: Exago BI will not configure Log4Net (Default: False)

Set this property before instantiating the Api object.

Alternatively use the overloaded constructor.

Set IsLogCustomConfigure, then instantiate the Api
using WebReports.Api;

public class Example
    string appPath = "http://localhost/exago/";
    string configFn = "WebReports.xml";

    public static void Main()
        Api.IsLogCustomConfigure = true;
        Api api = new Api(appPath, configFn);
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