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General Property (Api)
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The General Settings (settings that fall under the General heading in the Admin Console) that exist within the current configuration. Modifying the General property to change settings on a per-user basis can be used as an alternative or a supplement to Roles.

The settings are held in a General object, accessible through this property.

For definitions of all available settings, see the General class.

public General General {get;}

If the General property and an active Role modify the same setting, the Role will take precedence.

This code shows how you could toggle settings on a per-session and per-user basis.
Api Api = new Api("/Exago/");

/* User authentication omitted */

if (Api.Parameters.UserId != "Admin")
    // Disable some advanced funtionality for non-admin users
    Api.General.IsShowAdvancedJoins = false;
    Api.General.UseExecutionCache = false;
    Api.General.IsShowCrosstabReports = false;
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