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Public Methods
Public Method

Returns the Api Key for use with the JavaScript API. This method is used instead of the GetUrlParamString Method for returning the session identifier to the client when embedding Exago BI components into divs instead of iframes.

See JavaScript API for more information.

Public Method

Returns the URL parameter string to redirect the browser or frame to Exago BI. Append this string to the web application base URL.

The URL param string uniquely identifies each session and its configuration settings. Most Api calls will alter the param string. So it must be returned only after setting all the session variables.

Once the Exago BI session URL is loaded by the browser, the session is closed to any further API changes.

Public MethodSaves configuration changes only for the current user session. Changes will not persist once the session ends.  
Public MethodSaves configuration changes to disk, optionally to the configuration file specified by the fileName argument.

If forceAllValues is True, all of the general configuration settings will be written to the file. If False, only those settings which differ from the defaults will be written to the file. Default value is False.  
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